Seguin Police receives emergency victim services grant

SEGUIN, Texas – The Seguin Police Department was recently awarded a major grant to fund emergency victims’ services. The department will receive $40,000.00 for housing and other necessary items for victims of domestic violence. Funding will ensure victims have a safe place to begin the process of restoring their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The grant will allow SPD to ensure the safety of victims and their children by separating them from the offender. Deputy Chief Bruce Ure says a safe place for these victims is crucial for helping them gain long-term independence.

“Oftentimes, separation from the aggressor is critical but the victim just doesn’t have a place to go, so they stay with their abuser. Officers are then called multiple times to the same house since the victim doesn’t have time to sort things out and make other alternative, long term living arrangements.  This grant will allow us to immediately get these victims of domestic violence to a safe location for one or two weeks where they have the time to make a plan for their future,” said Ure.

He adds that the local women’s shelter is usually full, but when they do have space it’s only a short-term solution. These obstacles create a situation where the victim is forced return home where the aggressor lives, and putting themselves in jeopardy time and again.

The grant will also assist in providing the victims with immediate, necessary items such a toiletry items, underwear, etc.