Food for Fines

In the spirit of the season, the Seguin Public Library is sponsoring a food drive to benefit the Seguin Christian Cupboard.  From December 1st through December 31st, library members may donate nonperishable items in lieu of payment for overdue fines. 

Here is how it works:

  • 1 nonperishable item will be equivalent to up to $2.00 in fines – expired items will not be accepted
  • Donations may be applied to all accounts linked to the person (i.e., all members of the household)
  • There is no maximum in the amount of fines forgiven as long as the member donates enough items to cover the dollar amount that has accrued in fines
  • Donations may be used to forgive only existing fines and cannot be “banked” in anticipation of future fines
  • Donations may not be used to forgive lost or damaged material charges

For additional information call (830) 401-2422 or visit the Library webpage at  The Library is located at 313 W Nolte St. Seguin, TX 78155.