Niagara donates $150 K to city emergency response efforts

SEGUIN – Niagara Bottling recently presented a check to the City of Seguin for $150,000.00 to reimburse emergency response and recovery efforts during and after Hurricane Harvey, and to fund future emergency preparedness.

“When we were recruiting Niagara to come to Seguin, they kept mentioning that “community fit” was very important to their company. This donation affirms that Niagara Bottling has kept their promise, and has truly “fit” into our culture and community here in Seguin. We are very grateful for their generous donation," said Mayor Don Keil.

The check was presented to the city during a “Grand Opening” event at the Seguin plant in November. During the presentation, Niagara’s management was proud of the plant’s ability to meet the water needs during the hurricane.

“During the Hurricane the Niagara team put their best foot forward and came in every day braving the winds and rain here in Seguin. The team knew the impact was devastating to Texas region and knew they could help by producing “much needed water”. They stepped up and went above and beyond to truly touch so many lives in our great state,” said Trevor Baugher, Seguin Plant Director.

According to Baugher, the Seguin Plant never lost power or water supply during the storm – a testament to the reliability of the city’s utility system. They also broke shipping records in the days after the storm – shipping over 250 trucks a day. They also shipped over 280 FEMA loads that were staged at the Seguin Auxiliary Airport.

The Niagara donation will pay for Harvey damages that were not reimbursed by the city’s insurance or FEMA. A large portion was used the purchase of a new fire engine that replaced one that was totaled by a tree that fell on the trunk while making an emergency call during the high winds. ###