Animal Services is committed to keeping local animals safe

SEGUIN – Seguin Animal Services is committed to keeping animals in our community safe and well cared for. A new ordinance recently passed by City Council adds new protections to our four-legged friends.

The new ordinance prohibits stationary tethering (such as chains, leashes, ropes, etc.) of dogs outdoors. Instead, pet owners who choose to tie their dog up outside are required to install an inexpensive trolley system that allows for both humane restraint and maximizes exercise space.

All outside dogs must also have a substantial shelter consisting of three sides, a top and bottom; plus, access to clean drinking water at all times.

Animal Services is allowing a 120 day grace period for pet-owners to install the trolley system before the new ordinance will be enforced starting April 4, 2018.  They would also like to remind folks that pets should have a yearly rabies vaccine and a city license. You can purchase a license at the shelter located at 555 Fred Byrd Drive or from your local Seguin veterinarian’s office.

Please call Animal Services at 401-2335 if you have any questions about the new tethering ordinance or any other ordinance involving your pets. ###