City reminds business owners about dumpster enclosure ordinance

SEGUIN – Code Enforcement would like to remind business owners that all large, trash containers must be walled off by a locked, permanent enclosure (Unified Development Code, Sec 5.6). This code applies to all existing and new businesses with containers used for “storage, disposal of trash, garbage, refuse or grease” that are located in public view.

Keeping dumpsters walled off is not just for appearances, although it does help reduce the amount of unsightly trash.  Without screening on an opened dumpster, a gush of wind can blow its contents down the street and into neighborhoods.

“We had such a case a few months ago. The City sent notices to property owners because there was trash in their yard. It turns out the trash came from a restaurant dumpster with no screening. It was quite evident that the trash was from this restaurant,” said Helena Schaefer, Senior Planner.

Screening requirements include a solid fence or masonry wall that completely encloses the dumpster. Food establishments must place their garbage containers on a city approved, waterproof surface which allows for a cleaner, more sanitary area around the dumpster.

If an establishment doesn't come into compliance with the screening, the City will issue citations. Since it is a zoning violation, the fine can be up to $2000.00. Citations can lead to a Municipal Court appearance. If you have any questions regarding proper dumpster enclosures, you can call the Planning Department at 830-401-2305.###

In Compliance:
In compliance

Not in Compliance:
non compliant dumpster 2
non compliant dumpster