Reminder: Keep your sewer cleanout covered

SEGUIN, Texas – The City of Seguin is asking for everyone’s assistance in mitigating the amount of stormwater infiltrating the City sanitary sewer system by making sure your sewer cleanout remain covered with fitted caps at all times. Uncapped or broken cleanouts allow both water and other debris to make its way to our City’s Wastewater Treatment Plants through sewer service lines.

Allowing this form of infiltration into the sanitary sewer system puts a significant strain on the operations at the wastewater plant. Continuous infiltration into the City’s sanitary sewer system can result in the need to prematurely expand the wastewater treatment plant at significant costs. In addition to impacting the City’s sewer treatment capacity, debris can cause residential sanitary sewer service lines to clog creating the potential for water to backup into your homes or business.

The cleanout pipe and cover are usually made of PVC, and is located within a few feet of your home or near the property boundary. Please check to make sure the cap is on tight, not broken or missing.

Staying vigilant about keeping cleanouts covered will result in savings for City of Seguin and ultimately, our citizens. In an effort to assist in this endeavor, the City of Seguin’s Water & Wastewater Utility crews will begin installing clean out caps as they notice that caps are missing. In an effort to assist in this endeavor, the City of Seguin’s Water & Wastewater Utility will make available at no costs, replacement cleanout cap to anyone who needs one. For questions or a cleanout cap, please contact the City at 830-401-2406. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash