Starcke Park Golf Course upgrades golf cart fleet

SEGUIN – Just in time for spring (and peak golf-playing weather) Starcke Park Golf Course is excited to roll out their brand new fleet of golf carts! Golfers will get to kick back and cruise the beautiful, river front, pecan tree-shaded course in state-of-the-art style.

Golf course carts are usually replaced every 36 to 48 months due to extreme wear-and-tear. However, staff chose to keep them longer than the recommended time period in order to get an additional year of service from the fleet. Since they were purchased back in 2013, the old fleet of carts was a year out of warranty; the batteries had outlived their shelf life and were beginning to fail; and the cost of replacing parts and maintenance was going up.

The new carts were outfitted with a GPS system that will be activated in the next few weeks. The system allows golf course staff to locate every cart on the course in real-time. If there any issues with cart, it will notify staff who quickly and easily find you to remedy the situation. This will also speed up the pace of play if a team is lagging behind and slowing down the players behind them on the course – staff can send a direct message to the slower team and ask them to ‘get a move on’.

“The GPS system gives golfers an accurate yardage to the pin which speeds up the process of club selection – and hopefully, improves your score!” said Bruce Allen, Golf Course Manager.

The system also keeps the carts from getting too close to the greens and/or allowing drivers to go in restricted areas. Staff can also more accurately track and manage ongoing maintenance of the carts since the GPS system will log the number of hours they’ve been in service. ###