Man caught on camera throwing rock through police vehicle

SEGUIN, Texas – On Thursday afternoon, a city employee unexpectedly helped police track down a suspect thanks to his quick-thinking and actions.

The staff member was working on a police vehicle in the police department parking lot. He noticed a vehicle a car drive up then drive away a few minutes later. When he saw the car return, he felt it was suspicious and decided to record it. The employee was familiar with our police vehicle capabilities, and was able to hit record on the video recording device.

The video captured a Hispanic male holding a large rock approaching another police vehicle. He was seen throwing the rock into the rear window, completely shattering it.

The employee was also able to take photos of the suspect and his vehicle, and provide a license plate number. He immediately reported the incident to police. Needless to say the suspect's act was caught on video including on the surveillance cameras located at the Police Department.

The suspect was identified as Dillon Contreras, 22. Investigators learned the vehicle seen in the video has been stolen from Contreras’ grandmother. Officers were provided with a BOLO (be on the lookout) for a Silver Chevy Malibu, and were asked to use caution when dealing with Contreras due to previous confrontation with law enforcement.

During the search, officers were dispatched to the 300 block of David St after receiving a call from the suspect’s family. They reported seeing him damaging his grandmother’s stolen Malibu. They also heard Contreras bragging about damaging a patrol vehicle.

Officers conducted a felony traffic stop after spotting the vehicle Contreras was last seen in. He was arrested, transported to the Seguin Police Department and booked into the Guadalupe County Jail and charged with Criminal Mischief (Class B Misdemeanor).

Chief Kelso stated that while this lone incident is a “direct, egregious assault” against the Seguin Police Department, it was not reflective of the Seguin community. Chief Kelso further stated “It is sad that one incident can be misconstrued as the general feeling of a whole community, much like we unfortunately see across the nation today. In Seguin, this is simply not the case. Our community is incredibly supportive to our officers and we are so very grateful for the support and kindness. This lone criminal act reflects the hate of one person and one person alone.”

Once Contreras was taken into custody he was transported to the Seguin Police Department where he spoke to SPD Detectives. Afterwards he was transported to the Guadalupe County Jail and charged with Criminal Mischief $100<$750 (Class B Misdemeanor). ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash