Naomi Manski ´appointed' City Secretary

SEGUIN, Texas – According to the Texas Municipal Clerk Association, Seguin is the last city in the state with an ‘elected’ City Secretary. However, on November 6, 2012, the position changed to an appointed position during a charter revision election. City Manager Doug Faseler recently announced his decision to promote Naomi Manski to the post when City Secretary Thalia Stautzenberger’s term is complete this fall.

Manski has spent the last 12 years as the Assistant to the City Manager, but she has 26 years of service to the city under her belt. She joined the staff as a police 911 dispatcher back in 1989. Since then, she also worked as a permit clerk in the permit’s office and as administrative assistant with Utilities. She’s thrilled to have a new challenge with the city, and was happily surprised when Faseler approached her about the position.

“I am thrilled and honored to accept the City Secretary position with the City of Seguin.  I love the people I work with, and the citizens we work for. I can’t wait to get started on this exciting new chapter with the city,” said Manski.

According to the official job description, the City Secretary, “provides administrative support to the City Council, City Manager and staff, attends all City Council meetings, is the curator of City records, oversees publication of the agenda for council meetings and codifying ordinances, documents City Council actions and prepares the official minutes, serves as the City’s election official and maintains the City’s governmental history.”

She also handle the open records requests the City receives from local media and citizens.

“I’ve enjoyed working on the upgrades to our council chambers recording equipment. I will continue to make improvements to the system and its software so our citizens have every opportunity to view the council agenda and minutes online,” said Manski.

Lisa Trevino, Citizen Relations Coordinator, will be promoted in the City Manager's Office to Senior Administrative Assistant.  She will continue working as our citizen’s relations coordinator; plus, assume the administrative duties within the City Manager's office. She got her start with the city 20 years ago.

“I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love helping our citizens get their questions answered, and finding solutions to their concerns,” said Trevino.
Congrats to Naomi Manski and Lisa Trevino on their promotions, and best of luck as they begin the next phase of their city service. They will begin to transition into their new positions on October 1st. ###

****Section 3.14. - City secretary. The city manager shall hire the city secretary. The city secretary shall serve as the director of the city secretary's office and shall, among other duties, give notice of all city council meetings, shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of such meetings, shall authenticate by his or her signature, and record in full in a book kept and indexed for such purpose, all ordinances and resolutions, and shall perform such other duties as the city manager shall assign to the city secretary, and those elsewhere provided for in this Charter. (Amend. of 9-14-02; Res. No. 2012R-90, § 3, 7-17-12; Res. No. 2012R-142(A), § 3, 11-19-12)

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Posted by: Morgan Ash