Lineman's Rodeo sure to dazzle & electrify audience

SEGUIN, Texas – The competition is going to heat up this weekend at Nolte Island Recreation Area for the 2016 Texas Lineman’s Rodeo. More than 150 competitors will congregate in Seguin for the 20th Annual rodeo. Teams representing municipal, co-op, and investor owned Utilities and contractors plan will climb to the top of a utility pole to show why they deserve a spot at the International Lineman Rodeo & Expo in Kansas City.

“You will see what electric lineman go through every day. By watching these highly trained individuals at the rodeo, you get glimpse of what it takes to keep the electricity powering our homes and businesses,” said Clarence Smith, Director of Electric Utilities.

The rodeo competition is designed to electrify the audience through dynamic events showcasing their understanding of the task, safety protocols and situational awareness” (TLRA website). It’s also provides an opportunity for continuing education and networking between utilities.

According to the TLRA website, the rodeo “is the only way for the line worker’s family to witness, first-hand what the job is all about.” By definition, a lineman’s work is dangerous, that’s why apprentices must dedicate four years of diligent training before they can be a certified journey lineman. The rodeo allows apprentices and linemen a spotlight to demonstrate their skills in safe environment.

Some of the rodeo events include: Journeyman Pole Transfer, Apprentice Obstacle Pole and Hurtman Rescue where they must “save” a dummy and bring it down safely.

The competition begins around 6:45 AM and will last until 11 AM at Nolte Island Recreation Area located off FM 466 on GBRA Access Rd, Seguin, TX 78155. ###

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