"Survey says" Court Clerk earns perfect scores for customer service

customers. She somehow turns a difficult situation that could involve traffic citations and/or court hearings into a positive review.

“My job mainly consists of providing customer service and explaining the options people have so they can make an informed decision on how they want to address their tickets,” said Penalver, “I usually encounter situations where the people sometimes have trouble understanding the court system or need to translate the options in Spanish.”

Optional guest surveys are placed at each clerk’s window. In Penalver’s three years with Municipal Court she has received more surveys returned than all the other clerks combined. The remarkable thing is that not one of them has been negative. Her professionalism and positive attitude she displays while handling these tough cases is why she is being recognized as the Employee of the Month for June 2018.
“When people are upset about a ticket, I listen and validate their concerns. I explain the opportunity for them to contest the ticket without any extra fee and the options we have at the window are still available with our city attorney. Most of the time the people just want someone to listen to their concerns,” added Penalver.

Municipal Court Administrator Landra Solansky praises Penalver’s attitude and says she sets a great example for the entire team. She is excited her clerk is being recognized for her excellent customer service she provides on behalf of the Municipal Court. ###