Proposed landfill threatens Randolph Auxiliary Airfield

SEGUIN, Texas – Our clean water supply isn’t the only resource threatened by the proposed Post Oak landfill in Guadalupe County. New documents have been filed exposing how the location of the landfill significantly threatens operations at Randolph Air Force Base and the Seguin Auxiliary Airfield.

The newly filed Air Force affidavits vividly describe bird strike concerns and the hazards to USAF low-flying aircraft on approach and departure paths to the Seguin Airfield. The brief filed by the parties opposing the landfill includes the Air Force affidavits and is now part of the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) public court record.

“The City appreciates the Air Force’s investment in the Seguin Airfield, and we want to continue to be good neighbors and partners with Randolph and the 12th Flying Training Wing,” said Morgan Ash, Seguin’s Public Information Officer. “We already have huge concerns about its proposed location over the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer recharge zone and contamination of our municipal water supply. Now with Colonel Snell’s affidavit detailing why the landfill would adversely effect, and perhaps eliminate, Air Force operations at the airfield is yet another major reason to ‘Just Move It’.”

According to the affidavit of Colonel Michael Snell, Vice Commander of the 12th Flying Training Wing, municipal solid waste landfills attracts large numbers of birds. This type of environment is hazardous to airport operations and flight training. He adds, “Unless the proposed landfill is sited elsewhere, it will create a risk to flight safety for military aircrews operating at Seguin Auxiliary Airfield”.

The SOAH judges have not issued their proposal for decision in the ongoing contested case involving opposition by the City of Seguin, the City of Schertz and the Schertz-Seguin Local Government Corp, along with Guadalupe County, the Guadalupe County Groundwater Conservation District, and Stop Post Oak Dump. Final briefs on the issue of bird strike hazards that threaten Randolph’s mission are due on July 15th. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash