Public Works Supervisor earns accolades for leadership and work ethic

SEGUIN, Texas – Improving and maintaining our streets is a never-ending job in the city of Seguin due to the age of our infrastructure.  In years past, most of the street work was done by contractors hired by the city while staff mainly concentrated on fixing pot holes and minor repairs. Now, the Public Works Streets Department is tasked with repairing them one road at a time. Heading up that department is David Stahl, who with only a little over two years on the job, is making a huge difference. His positive leadership and strong work ethic earned him the July Employee of the Month Award.

As Public Works Supervisor, Stahl leads a team of equipment operators, heavy equipment operators and service workers. He makes sure they’re all working quickly, effectively and above all safely. He also must coordinate with the other public works departments like Brush, Right-of-Way Maintenance and Fleet Services to make sure brush is removed, the area around the street is cleared and equipment is maintained and ready to work.

“Teamwork is everything.  If you do not have teamwork you will never be able to accomplish the goals you set to complete each job.  When everyone works as a TEAM you can complete the job in a safe timely manner,” said Stahl.

Stahl encourages his guys to learn new skills and cross train on equipment, so they can easily take over for each other to keep the project moving. For instance, if the Zipper operator is out sick, they won’t lose any time since a back-up has already been trained on how to run it.

“The recognition means that my operators are learning and doing a great job.  They are working together to accomplish a goal to produce the best product for the city,” said Stahl. ###

david stahl eom

Pictured (left to right): Public Works Manager John Donnelley, Public Works Supervisor David Stahl, City Engineer Joe Ramos and City Manager Doug Faseler