Municipal Court Administrator receives statewide award

SEGUIN, Texas – Each year the Texas Municipal Court Association (TMCA) selects a municipal court staff person to be the recipient of the Excellence in Administration of Justice Award. The City of Seguin is proud to announce that our very own Municipal Court Administrator Landra Solansky was named the 2018 recipient for her outstanding contributions to the fair and impartial administration of justice. 

“The Seguin Municipal Court Staff works hard every day to ensure our defendants are provided with fair and impartial treatment. I would not be able to serve Court Clerks across the State or be a part of the various boards and committees if I didn't have the support of my co-workers. I would like to say a special thank you to Municipal Court Clerks - April Reyes, Vanessa Herrera, Reyna Hill, Sofia Penalver and Warrant Officer David Aguilar. Their dedication to the judicial process is what makes Seguin Municipal Court an amazing place to work,” said Solansky.

Solansky is a Certified Municipal Court Clerk and is a Certified Court Manager through the Institute of Court Management at the National Center for State Courts. Recently, TMCA launched their Texas Municipal Courts Foundation. This Foundation was created to provide long term sustainability for the Association. Solansky was asked to serve on the founding board of the Foundation.

She was also commended for her commitment to justice, and for Seguin being selected as a pilot site for the "Judicial Center of Excellence" program. For the city’s court, she has been instrumental in implementing their new software and will again oversee an upcoming upgrade. She also implemented electronic ticket writers for the police department ending the headache of entering citations by hand for her clerks. She has streamlined processes, afforded her staff time to study for certification, and established a dedicated juvenile docket.

Solansky’s passion for court security was also highlighted including the her leading the way to upgrade the security of her clerks at the Municipal Court building. ###

***The TMCA is an association composed of over 1000 municipal court judges, clerks, prosecutors, and court support personnel. It monitors legislation, attorney general opinions and changes in case law to ensure that the over 900 municipal courts in Texas remain current.