Golf Course rolls out GPS on new carts

SEGUIN, Texas –Starcke Park Golf Course just got a little more high-tech. Their new 54 cart fleet just went live with GPS monitoring. What does that mean for golfers? It will speed up the pace of play and keep carts out of restricted areas.

“Our golfers are going to really be happy with the GPS on the carts. It makes sure everyone is playing at a good pace; plus, they’re going to see their yardages which could help improve their score,” said Bruce Allen, Superintendent.

With GPS tracking of all the carts, the Pro Shop can monitor the location of every cart in play. They can send messages to the players who may be slowing down the pace of play and ask them to speed up a bit.  This will keep the groups behind them from having to wait to play at each tee.

 The system also alerts the golf cart driver if they are attempting to drive into a restricted area around a tee or green.  It will allow the driver to reverse back to the drivable part of the course.

“We expect the condition of the grass to improve since carts will not be driving on it,” added Allen.

Management is also pleased with the maintenance tracking the system offers. The Pro Shop can see how often each golf cart is being utilized and can see quickly if the batteries are charging fully. ###