Celebrate BIG in Central Park … But don't forget to RECYCLE!

SEGUIN, Texas – Central Park is the real center of our community. Located in the heart of our historic downtown district, it’s where we create lasting memories with our families and friends.

The City of Seguin considers sustainability of our beautiful parks. If we want future generations to enjoy the same Central Park that we do today, we must do our part to protect our environment. That’s why recycle bins will be placed at Central Park during all major downtown events. Just look for those bright blue containers with the recycle logo on them.

“It just makes sense that we put enough recycling containers available at big events,” said Jennifer Gauna, Assistant to the Assistant City Manager, “We know there’s a lot of trash associated when you have large groups of people eating and drinking in one place. Now, folks can recycle their drink cans, paper products and glass bottles.”

RECYCLABLE ITEMS: newspaper, food boxes, plastic bottles, cardboard, paper bags, aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, magazines, office paper ###