Price of painting Matador graphics on water tower renegotiated

SEGUIN, Texas – The price to paint the Matador graphics/text on the Lucille Street Water Tower was renegotiated with the contractor, and the City is happy to share the cost savings with the Seguin Matador Sports Booster Club.

Earlier this month, Council Members agreed to revive the existing Seguin ISD Matadors mascot and text after the tower is cleaned and repainted.  It was also decided that the Sports Booster Club would raise the funds to pay for half of the cost. At the time of the vote it was determined to be $14,000 – or $7,000.00 each.

Since then, city staff asked the project’s engineer to approach the contractor about renegotiating the cost of the stenciling and repainting of the existing Seguin Matadors text and mascot. They were able to reduce the cost by $4,000 for a new total of $10,000.

Once a contract change order was signed, Mayor Don Keil was happy to share the news with the Booster Club President. Instead of $7,000.00, the club will now only need to raise $5,000.00 for the project. ###