Animal services receives major in-kind donation

SEGUIN, Texas – The new Animal Services Facility is currently under construction and just got an unexpected boost thanks to an in-kind donation through an Austin-based college… and the quick thinking of a new city-staffer!

Recently, city council approved a new position in the finance department that would oversee all grant applications and reporting. Dana Losey was hired on as the Grants Coordinator. She was excited to take on the challenge.

A few weeks ago, Losey was looking into getting a donation of kitty litter for Animal Services, but ended up with a surgical suite for the new facility.

“I called about a litter donation grant that I knew about, but they told me they did not have any more litter available. That’s when they mentioned a college in Austin that was looking to find a home for a surgical table and supplies. It’s called an in-kind donation – supplies or manpower, not money,” said Dana Losey, City of Seguin Grant Coordinator, “I had heard that one of the items on our wish list for the animal facility was a surgical room where they could have a vet come in and do surgeries.”

On Monday, Deputy Chief Bruce Ure and Animal Services staff received boxes and boxes of surgical equipment including a surgical table worth several thousand dollars. The table and equipment will be stored until it can be moved into the new facility and unpacked and installed. Ure believes the surgical table by itself is worth about $2,500.00.

“We really wanted to have a surgical suite at the new facility, but we just couldn’t justify the price tag to purchase everything we would need to make that happen. Now, we’re going to be able to quickly address any medical needs our animals have,” said Ure.

The in-kind grant was awarded to the City of Seguin through a nonprofit organization called the According to the letter notifying us of the grant, their organization is “devoted to addressing the health and well-being of people…, animals, and the plantet”. It goes on to say they “this project helps accomplish this mission”.

“Thanks to Dana Losey, Seguin Animal Services was the recipient of equipment and surgical supplies donated by the University of St. Augustine and The donation includes an exam table, surgical lights, hampers, drapes, medicine cabinet, and much more, which will be utilized in our new facility,” said Leah Lewis, Animal Services Supervisor.###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash