Historic preservation month in seguin

SEGUIN, Texas – On Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Don Keil signed a proclamation declaring May National Historic Preservation Month in the City of Seguin. As the city/community embarks on its new branding campaign, the proclamation is especially relevant. Our history is experienced by anyone who spends time in or around downtown.

"Preserving Seguin's unique architecture, history, and stories is extremely important, because we have learned that once that building is gone, so too is often its stories and lessons. The historic architecture in downtown Seguin is what makes Seguin unique and authentic, no other community has the mixture of pre-Civil War, turn of the century, art-deco buildings,” said Kyle Kramm, Main Street Director.

According to the proclamation, “historic preservation is an effective tool for managing growth, revitalizing neighborhoods, fostering pride and maintaining community character.”

Promoting the community’s dedication to preserving our “real town center” is a focus of the branding campaign. Many towns try to replicate what the City of Seguin has had for almost 200 years.

Click here to read official proclamation.