Free Hazardous Waste Pick-Up Available to City Residents

SEGUIN, TexasNOTE: This program is not available at this time.

Do you have old motor oil taking up space in your garage? What about electronics or cans of paint? Ready to finally get rid of household hazardous waste collecting dust, that you can’t throw in your garbage can?   Stress no more – the City of Seguin has an easy, safe, and convenient solution for city residents!

The City of Seguin was recently awarded a grant through the Alamo Area Council of Governments  for a  Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program. This service is provided through Waste Management's At Your Door Special Collection program. It provides Seguin residents with a way  to collect the difficult, sometimes hazardous, and hard-to-recycle items that almost every household accumulates.

Anyone who lives in the city limits can participate in the At Your Door Special Collection Program. Arranging a collection at the doorstep is as easy as making a toll-free call to 1-800-449-7587. Pick-ups can also be scheduled online through Waste Management’s website at

Waste Management will collect the pesticides, household chemicals, sharps, electronic waste, including televisions, batteries, fluorescent lights, automotive waste products (including oil), paints, thinners, and dozens of other items that don't belong with your recyclables or regular curbside waste pickup.

For a complete list of accepted items, visit or call 1-800-449-7587. Information is also available on the City’s website at

Items NOT ACCEPTED include: asbestos, ammunition/explosives, biological waste, appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, vacuums or tools), construction related debris, commercial or business supplies, containers over 5 gallons, fire extinguishers, food waste, pressurized cylinders, medicines/prescriptions, radioactive materials, tires, primary batteries from hybrid or electric vehicles, trash (including bulky items and furniture), liquid mercury, smoke detectors, food waste, cooking oil, liquid or empty containers, lamp fixtures, incandescent light bulbs and unknown or unlabeled materials.

While grant funding remains available, Seguin residents can reap the benefits of this program.