Awards Announced for Badges, Bikes & Tykes Poster Contest

SEGUIN, Texas – In lieu of hosting its annual Badges, Bikes & Tykes event this year due to COVID-19, the Seguin Police Department opted to conduct a poster contest instead.

Children throughout Seguin were encouraged to enter the contest and create a masterpiece showing themselves in the day of a life as a Seguin police officer.
Approximately 140 posters for the contest were submitted by local children ages 2 to 14 years old. The posters were judged by Seguin Mayor Don Keil, Linda Duncan with KWED
Radio, Roger Betschler with the Seguin Art League and Rashad Tolbert, President of the TLU Black Student Union. The top 6 posters from each age group (3 boys and 3 girls) were
chosen as winners of a new bike. The winning posters are currently on display in the window of the Seguin Art League building, located at 104 S. Austin Street.

“Badges, Bikes and Tykes is a popular community engagement event that our police officers look forward to hosting each year. The children and officers always have fun interacting,
and the kids get excited about having the chance to win a bike,” said Jennifer Sourdellia, City of Seguin Public Information Officer. “This year, the event was re-invented as a poster
contest, since the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing. We hope to have the event return to normal next fall,” she said.

Winners of the 2020 Badges, Bikes and Tykes Poster Contest are as follows:
Ages 2-4:
1st place Elyza Henke
1st place: Gabriel Brady

2nd place Olivia Hernandez
2nd place: Brett Barnard

3rd place J’Lynn Moreno
3rd place: Ace Deal

Ages 5-8:
1st place Bailey Barnard
1st place: Aiden Pasadilla

2nd place Marisa Lyman
2nd place: Bryant Barnard

3rd place Sadie Hatcher
3rd place: Luke Prochaska

Ages 9-10:
1st place Brooke Barnard
1st place: Adrian Pasadilla

2nd place: Sheyleigh Torres
2nd place: Michael Brannan

3rd place: Abigail Frets
3rd place: Bradley Marek

Ages 11-12
1st place: Alora Pasadilla
1st place: Jake Creswell

2nd place: Marcella Reyes
2nd place: Noah Rosas

3rd place: Audrey Polcyn
3rd place: Matthew Marek

Ages 13-14
1st place: Cielo Infante
1st place: Caden Kaufman

2nd place: Megan Ohnheiser
2nd place: Brandon Sadler

3rd place: Addison Salazar
3rd place: Caleb Campos

Winners can pick up their bikes from the Seguin Police Department from October 5-9. Bikes will be delivered to those that are not picked up.