Register online for City of Seguin Utility "E-Statements"/Prepaid card scams

SEGUIN, Texas – It’s easier than ever to “Go Green” (just in time for Earth Day) and choose to receive your utility statements in your inbox instead of your mailbox. Now, you can go to the city’s website, fill out a simple form and Go Paperless!

If you are not on e-statements, your statement goes from City Hall to the Seguin Post Office.  From there, it goes all the way to San Antonio and then to its final destination.  Today, First Class mail is not guaranteed to get to its destination overnight, but email is almost instantaneous.

“It can take two or more days by regular mail, and there’s still a chance of it getting lost,” said Utility Billing Supervisor Leann Wilkerson, “E-statements are emailed directly to you on the same day we process the bills. You’ll receive it in minutes.”

The city will save time and money by residents signing up for e-statements, and we can all be proud of using less paper.

Green Dot Utility Bill Scams:

Wilkerson is also asking local businesses who sell Green Dot Cards for their help in combating utility bill scams. Oftentimes, fake bill collectors will call our customers demanding immediate payment by prepaid card. They will ask their victims to purchase a Green Dot Card (or one like it) and call back with their card number to avoid being disconnected from service.

In reality, the city will alert customers they are overdue by written notice including instructions on how to keep their power on. They may also receive an automated call reminding them to pay before being disconnected, but payment is never asked for over the phone.

As a community service, businesses are encouraged to ask persons buying a prepaid card if they have received a phone call demanding payment for a City of Seguin Utility Bill. If they are, we ask that you advise them to call the city’s billing department to determine if they are being scammed.

If you have questions about e-statements or scams involving your utility bill, call the Utility Billing Office at City Hall – 830-401-2460. ###