Seguin Police leads federal, state investigation resulting in TX Mexican Mafia arrests

Seguin Police leads federal, state investigation resulting in Mexican Mafia arrests, drug and weapon seizures

SEGUIN, Texas – On Friday, April 15th, 2016, an eighteen month investigation by a regional task force resulted in over a dozen arrests of Texas Mexican Mafia members and their associates. Suspects were identified and located in Guadalupe and surrounding counties. Arrest and search warrants were executed at multiple locations in Guadalupe and surrounding counties.

The Seguin Police Department initiated a narcotics investigation eighteen-months ago, which involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including Guadalupe County District Attorney Heather McMinn and her office, the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office, and multiple federal and State law enforcement agencies.

“We believe that this 18 month investigation will make a significant interruption on the day-to-day activities of the Texas Mexican Mafia,” said Deputy Chief Bruce Ure, Seguin Police Department.

During the execution of the arrest and search warrants, almost a dozen known Mexican Mafia gang members and their associates have been arrested and are in custody. A large quantity of drugs including methamphetamines, cocaine and marijuana, were seized, in addition to large amounts of cash and weapons.

“These are dangerous individuals and we don’t want anywhere near our community or even our region,” added Ure, “We really do have a safe community In Seguin and we want it to stay that way. That’s why we have invested so much of our resources into this lengthy investigation.”

The partnership and cooperation between the Seguin Police Department, the Guadalupe County District Attorney’s Office, Texas D.P.S., and other numerous state and federal agencies was second to none and is recognized as a significant element in the overall operational success. Though the investigation began in Seguin, subsequent arrests then occurred in other counties and communities. Though all of the criminal activity did not occur in Seguin, the Seguin Police Department recognizes that quality of life value issues such as irradiating local and regional gang activity not only benefits our citizens, but our entire State. ###

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Posted by: Morgan Ash