David A. Aguilar Selected as City's Employee of the Month

SEGUIN, Texas - David H. Aguilar, a part-time service worker at Starcke Park Golf Course, has been chosen as the City of Seguin's Employee of the Month for November 2021.
On the morning of October 18, David came into work very early. When he arrived at the golf course, David noticed that the maintenance barn was on fire. He quickly sprang into action and immediately called 911 to report the fire.

Luckily the fire was put out quickly before the barn and its entire contents were destroyed. If David had not arrived earlier than usual to the golf course that day, there's a big possibility that everything in the barn would have been destroyed - including work vehicles, greens, tees and equipment - and the golf course would have had to close for several weeks.

Thank you, David, for your dedication to the City of Seguin and our residents!

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