New restrictions to heavy truck traffic on city streets

SEGUIN, Texas – The city continues to experience high volumes of heavy truck traffic. These trucks are needed to deliver the needed materials to construction sites. Although, city leaders are thrilled to see all of the new homes, businesses and industrial facilities cropping up in Seguin, officials understand the need to protect our infrastructure.

In a memo to the city council, City Engineer Joe Ramos explained that truck after truck carrying heavy loads “takes a toll on city streets, many of which are not designed to handle such increased weights.” It is important that we protect the investment that we’re making to improve our streets by regulating the heavy truck traffic.

To address the issue, city leaders took a look at the existing ‘through truck’ ordinance and decided to make a few changes. The first change involves how we define a truck. Now, any truck with two or more rear axles will not be allowed to use streets that restrict ‘through truck traffic’.

“We investigated how truck weights are handled in other cities and we discovered that there is a huge weight difference between trucks with one axel versus two or more rear axles. I spoke to Police Chief Kevin Kelso, and he agreed it was a better definition,” said Joe Ramos, City Engineer.

The second change adds three (or four) new restricted streets (see the list below).

Designated “No through truck traffic streets” (streets highlighted were added to the revised ordinance):

• Martindale Street from Guadalupe Street to Heideke Street.
• Roosevelt Drive from North Austin Street to Heideke Street.
• Rosemary Drive from North Austin Street to Heideke Street.
• Patton Drive from North Austin Street to Heideke Street.
• Crockett Street from Mountain Street to Walnut Street.
• Walnut Street from Milam Street to River Street.
• East Walnut Street from State Highway 123 Bypass eastward to the Seguin City Limits.
• Preston Road from Highway 90A to Eastwood Drive (County Road 466).
• Quintana Road from FM 464 to Interstate Highway 10.
• Guadalupe Street from IH-10 to Highway 123 Business
• New Braunfels Street from Highway 123 Business (N. Austin St) to Eighth Street.
• City streets in areas designated by the Unified Development Code as a residential district.
• Meadow Lake Drive from Highway 123 Business to Highway 123 Bypass

The revised ordinance that trucks (defined by having two or more rear axels) are observed driving on a restricted road, they will be stopped by police officers and “challenged”. They will have to show written documentation that they are making a delivery to an address on that street; or they are driving an empty truck that they own at their residence. Area businesses are being notified of the change so they can provide the correct documentation for their delivery drivers.

The ordinance also redefines what a truck is for parking in residential areas. Any bus, truck, trailer, tractor-trailer or any other vehicle with two or more axles and/or is longer than 21 feet may not park on a street, alley or public roadway on a residential area (except when loading or unloading passengers).

There is a 30 day grace period where local police officers will use discretion and warn drivers that are violating the new city ordinance. If officers encounter repeat offenders, during the grace period, they will also use discretion to make a decision on whether to issue a citation or not issue a citation. The grace period will end on April 11, 2016. ###

Click here to view revised truck route map.

Click here to read the official news release.

Posted by: Morgan Ash