City to replace sewer line dating back to 1950s

SEGUIN, Texas – A major sewer line that stretches across the west side of the city will soon be replaced with a bigger, better version. The existing 18 inch (diameter) clay pipe is more than 60 years old, and is deteriorating rapidly. It will be replaced with a 30 inch PVC pipe, which is lighter and more durable than clay. The larger diameter can handle higher volumes of wastewater.

The deteriorating conditions were discovered as a result of ongoing sewer line inspections facilitated by the purchase of a sewer line inspection camera. The cameras record high resolution images of any cracks, blockages or other issues associated with the line.

“This sewer line is in the worst condition I’ve seen, and I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” said Emery Gallagher, Director of Water/Wastewater Utilities.

Gallagher says the line has cracks and looks like sections are close to collapsing. He says a maintenance plan was immediately created so staff can respond and fix any issues that crop up before the replacement has been completed.

The initial plan for the Walnut Branch Sewer Line Replacement Project was to upgrade the 18 inch pipe with a 24 inch pipe. However, a recent wastewater study showed the need for an even larger line to meet the future growth and development along the Highway 46 corridor.

At their last meeting, city council approved the selection of a contractor, SJ Lewis Construction of Texas, Ltd, with a bid of $2,041,000. The council was informed that the construction bid was about $80 thousand under budget which will be held in reserves in case of any contingency expenses.

The contractor will be installing the new line parallel to the existing line in an effort to mitigate negative impacts to customers serviced by the existing line. The “trunk” or main sewer line is about 7,100 linear feet long (1.3 miles), and runs from Kingsbury southwest to the Walnut Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant. ##

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Screenshot of clay pipe video. (October 2013)

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Posted by: Morgan Ash