City of Seguin Launches Interactive Mapping Portal

SEGUIN, Texas –The City of Seguin’s Geographic Information System (GIS) Department has launched a new portal on the City’s website that puts interactive mapping information into the hands of residents, developers and more. 

The portal was developed to expand transparency and public access to a wide range of GIS data. Seguin’s Open Data site currently contains 10 datasets and will grow as more information is made available.

“The GIS portal will be Seguin’s GIS homepage that will allows citizens to download data, maps, and view applications tailored to major projects and information within the City,” said GIS Manager Travis Acklin. “The GIS City Services Application is designed for citizens to quickly retrieve key information about their area (Council Member, Zoning, Garbage Day, Recycling Day, Brush Days and much more) within one application,” he said.

The public can view a variety of geographic data via dashboards, maps, infographics, apps and downloadable PDFs from the portal. Residents can also access property parcels, zoning, brush collection zones, status of city projects, proposed housing and much more. Developers can utilize zoning information for project development and topographic contour data for engineering purposes.

Maps currently featured on the portal include: City Limits Map, Zoning District Map,  Council Districts Map, Floodplain Map, Thoroughfare Map, Trail Maps for City parks and more.

“GIS technology plays an essential role in many of our City’s operations and critical infrastructure decisions,” said Jennifer Sourdellia, the City’s Public Information Officer. “This portal provides a number of tools that allow our residents to easily access the same information that our city staff and elected officials are using, and also fosters better-informed citizens,” said Sourdellia.

To access the Seguin GIS Open Data Portal, visit

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