City Purchases State-of-the-Art Remote Control Mower

SEGUIN, Texas – Right of Way mowing in the City of Seguin will be taken to a whole new level when the Seguin Public Works Department debuts its TRAXX™RC75 remote-control slope-mower.

The City recently purchased the $65,000 state-of-the-art mower from the Alamo Group, Inc., locally headquartered in Seguin. The purchase, approved by the Seguin City Council in April 2022, will help the Public Works Department keep up with an increasing workload of Right of Way maintenance amid the city’s rapid growth. Public Works is currently responsible for maintaining over 600 acres as part of its Right of Way Maintenance each year.

According to Public Works Director John Donnelly, the TRAXX™RC75 mower will not only save time, but also provide his crews a safer alternative compared to using traditional mowing tractors. “With a 500-foot remote control range, this machine is a game changer for our staff. The Right of Way maintenance crews will now be able to mow steep slopes (up to a 55 degree slope) along the Highway 123 Bypass regardless of extreme hot or cold weather conditions,” said Donnelly. “This innovative mower will prevent our big tractors from having to operate across slopes, allowing the team to mow the slopes safer and faster, and putting them out of harm’s way in areas where tractors often rollover.”

Donnelly noted that the remote-control slope mower can be taken inside culverts, ditches, tough terrain, and other confined areas to tackle vegetation that other mowers can’t reach. “The TRAXX mower will also eliminate weed eating and help us mow the ends of islands, around guardrails and other obstacles within the Right of Way areas.”

In addition, the mower can easily transition from mowing grass to stump grinding and provides bucket options for loading material and cleaning ditches/culverts. “Staff can easily detach the mower attachment and connect a bucket to not only mow grass, but also clean out box culverts that have dirt build up inside of them to help the flow of storm water runoff. This great partnership between the City and Alamo Group is making it possible for our staff to work in a much safer and more productive manner,” Donnelly said.

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