S. River Street ready for major drainage, utility and road improvements

SEGUIN, Texas – City council members recently approved Skyblue Utilities Inc.’s bid for the South River Street Improvement Project. The contractor will begin the $1.4 million dollar project sometime in March. The timeline for the project is one year.

S. River Street, from Washington south to E. Klein, was highlighted by council several years ago. It is a priority for the city due to ongoing flooding issues during heavy rain events.

“Improving the drainage on this street will have two positive impacts. One, it will reduce flooding in these homes; and two, it will protect the improvements we make to the streets since it will prevent water from standing on the roadway,” said Joe Ramos, City Engineer.

The contractor will install approximately 1,200 linear feet of storm sewer lines, 1,000 linear feet of water mains and 850 linear feet of sanitary sewer lines. The project includes the following:

S. River Street – Washington to Shelby:

• Micro-surfacing (seal) of roadway

• Relocation of fire hydrants

• Upgraded water line

S. River Street – Shelby to Klein:

• Mill and overlay of roadway – asphalt will be cut out on both sides of the street and a layer of asphalt will be placed over entire road

• Drainage improvements – including curb inlet installed (curbside storm drain ties into storm drain line) and construction of curbs

• Upgraded sewer line

River St – Washington to Klein (entire scope of project):

• Sidewalks installed on east side of street (ADA-compliant including ‘truncated domes on ramps for visually impaired).

• Driveway improvements – concrete and asphalt aprons installed

The sidewalks from Washington down to Klein will further the city’s goal of interconnecting downtown to other points of interest. In this case, pedestrians will be able to walk from the center of town to historic Riverside Cemetery.

“We are looking for ways to add sidewalks in as many cases as we can. They enhance the neighborhood – even increase property values. We hope that our efforts encourage home-owners to do some clean-up of their own. Let’s create a beautiful walkway and welcoming atmosphere for those using our new sidewalks to explore our city,” said Morgan Ash, Public Information Officer.

Ramos and Project Manager Nate Garza hope that residents remain patient during the construction process.

“It will be dusty. It will get muddy at times. Residents may have to park on different parts of the street at some point,” said Garza.

However, all residents will be notified through door hangers and by checking the city’s Facebook Page (

“There’s always some ‘construction’ pains when we go through these types of improvement projects – but it’s always worth it when you have a brand new road, and less flooding issues,” said Ramos.

Another phase of the project includes the construction of a concrete intersection at Klein and Austin Pass in front of the Walnut Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant. Concrete can withstand traffic from trucks carrying heavy loads to these city facilities.

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Posted by: Morgan Ash