Latest crime rate stats show major decline in robberies and aggravated assaults

SEGUIN, Texas – The 2015 Uniform Crime Rate Analysis for the City of Seguin is now complete. The police department says the overall crime rate is down by 12% over 2014.

The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) looks at seven major types of crime and calculates the rate based on the number of reports the department received per 100,000 population. Significant changes in 2015 included a 68% drop in robberies and a 43% drop in aggravated assaults.

Collectively as a command staff, we recognize and appreciate that our officers hustle each day and every day and they "get" our organizational mission of "proactive policing in partnership with the community and a commitment to service." They have buy in. This is one of the things that makes us very proud and very successful.

Deputy Chief Bruce Ure believes a department-wide move towards aggressive police work is working. He also says recent outreach initiatives including the use of the Seguin Police Department Facebook Page and are also helping them solve more crimes.

“We recognize that social media is increasingly valuable to the way law enforcement professionals operate in both crime prevention and criminal investigations. Our 2015 crime stats show that we're headed in the right direction. In fact, the Seguin Police Department analyzes crimes for "social media friendly" aspects that lends itself to be interesting or something that we think our community will become involved in. We really do subscribe to the theory we are only as strong and effective as our community is involved,” said Ure.

The number of reported burglaries has increased marginally; however, the trend is not isolated to Seguin. Captain Victor Pacheco says it’s a problem many agencies are dealing with right now.

“Speaking with county law enforcement and surrounding agencies, we know they’ve also seen a slight increase in burglaries. Locally, I believe that a lot of our burglaries can be attributed to a handful of suspects who were behind multiple burglaries and vehicle thefts. Several big arrests are expected to make a dent on those types of crimes moving forward,” said Pacheco.

Unfortunately, homicide statistics show an increase over 2014, but that’s due to zero murders occuring in 2014, but two were committed in 2015. Both homicides were solved and arrests made.

The department believes the 2015 UCR shows their efforts on the streets, and even behind a computer screen are paying off. A 12% overall decrease in reported crimes is something all our police officers should be proud of.

“In our commitment to transparency, we’re also taking advantage of social media to keep citizens informed of criminal activity that’s going on in their community. We believe that knowledge is power, and empowering our citizens with timely knowledge is an important tool in community policing. Every set of eyes and ears in our City helps us catch the bad guys,” said Ure.

***It should be noted that the population used for the 2015 UCR report is different from the previous years because it is based off of the United States Census Bureau estimation for the city of Seguin’s population in 2015 which has increased. Regardless of the population used, the chart clearly illustrates that the number of actual Part 1 Crimes in the City of Seguin has declined over the past several years.

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