Mayor Don Keil recognizes Four Chaplain Sunday ceremony

SEGUIN, Texas – “This is a very interesting story and as mayor I’m happy to promote this event which involves a very heroic action in our nation’s history,” said Seguin Mayor Don Keil.

Keil read and signed a proclamation Wednesday afternoon designating Sunday, February 7th as Four Chaplains Sunday and the week of February 7 – 13 as Religious Emphasis Week in the City of Seguin. American Legion Post 245 Captain Reno Reilly and Reverend Charles Glass joined the mayor during the signing.

“These four U.S. Army Chaplains gave their lives to save their fellow soldiers by giving up their life jackets when the U.S.A.T. Dorchester went down,” said Reilley.

According to the proclamation, the four chaplains represented the Roman Catholic, Jewish and Protestant religions, but “stood united in prayer” after their transport ship was hit by a German U-boat torpedo off the coast of Greenland.

“These men were heroes. They linked arms and prayed as the ship went down. I am honored to be a part of the ceremony,” said Rev. Glass.

It’s been several years since the H.U. Wood Post 245 in Seguin has held a Four Chaplains Sunday ceremony, but this year they wanted to memorialize the 73rd anniversary of the heroic deeds of Chaplains Lt. George L. Fox, Lt. Alexander D. Goode, Lt. Johnny P. Washington and Lt. Clark V. Poling. Four area religious leaders will read the biographies of the four heroic chaplains.

WHAT: Four Chaplains Sunday Ceremony
WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 7th at 2 P.M.
WHERE: American Legion Post 245 - 618 E. Kingsbury Street; Seguin, Texas 78156

Click here to read the official news release. Click here to view the proclamation.

Pictured: (left to right) Rev. Charles Glass, Mayor Don Keil and Reno Reilly, Captain of Post 245

Posted by: Morgan Ash