Arrest made in gruesome animal cruelty case

(Seguin, Texas,) On November 9th, Seguin Animal Services was notified of a possible severely distressed dog that was “tied up” in the 900 block of Zarogoza.  Seguin Animal Services Officer Shelly Lutz arrived and observed a male dog in the unfenced backyard, chained to an object with a nylon rope tightly wrapped around his neck, attached to a heavy chain.  There was also evidence that it was chained down without food or water.  The only thing in the dog bowl was dead crickets, which appeared to have been there for a long time. 

During the on-scene investigation, it was determined that the animal was endangered due to the very tight rope wrapped around his neck.  The rope collar was so tight that it appeared to be cutting deeply into the dog’s body, as it had been on him for a significant amount of time.  It is speculated that the owners had wrapped the rope like a collar around his neck for a very long time.  The dog was immediately transported to a local veterinarian for emergency medical treatment to surgically remove the embedded rope.  The local veterinarian also advised investigators that the dog was dangerously close to decapitating himself due to the tightness of the rope.  It was actually cutting deeply into the dog’s fur and flesh.  The dog was also severely malnourished.

After extensive surgery to remove the embedded rope, Seguin Animal Services worked closely with the local veterinarian with post-surgical care and transferred to dog, now named “Bill” to the Seguin Animal Services Shelter.  Bill is rehabbing well and the staff is focusing on small things such as teaching him how to eat again, as it is apparent that when Bill eats, he is unsure if he will get fed again so he “vigorously” inhales his food in a matter of seconds. 

Bill’s future is bright as he is already in line for a new home from a local Seguin animal rescue organization, Waggin Tailz Recue and Adoptions (210-632-7741) after the criminal case comes to a conclusion.   

Subsequent to an animal cruelty criminal investigation, an arrest warrant was issued and local resident, 39 year old Mario Perez was arrested on Tuesday, December 2nd for “Cruelty to non-livestock animals” (State of Texas Class A Misdemeanor) and transported to the Guadalupe County Jail where bond is set at $25,000.

Posted by: Morgan Ash