GRMC Implements Occupational Healthcare to local industry

Seguin, TX - As Seguin and its surrounding communities grow in both residential and commercial realms, it is imperative that healthcare needs to grow to serve the needs of both our residents and our employers within the community. Occupational Medicine is a specialty concerned with the maintenance of health and wellness in the workplace which includes prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries thus maintaining and increasing productivity.
For the past year, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center (GRMC) and Guadalupe Regional Medical Group (GRMG), have worked collaboratively with local industry to develop programs that address worker injury prevention, care and treatment for industry employees. “Occupational Medicine is indeed a specialty. Having a physician that understands and knows the actual job duties and what those duties entail, allows a treatment plan to be developed that reduces lost time on the job and lost wages while effectively caring for the employee” said Tasha Montez, Chief Executive Officer at Guadalupe Regional Medical Group. “Once a program is developed we are able to reassess with our industry partners to determine if alterations need to be made or if other needs are identified and additional services or programs need to be developed to fit their specific needs. Our belief is to identify gaps and working closely with each individual business to make sure that we are able to develop the program for their specific needs. That creates the relationship between industry and medicine. That is our goal,” Montez said.
In partnering with our local manufacturing industry, Guadalupe Regional Medical Group strives to provide the finest occupational healthcare services to their workforce from pre-employment physicals, annual physicals and helping with the individual company’s health and wellness programs.
“In 2018, the Seguin EDC began hosting quarterly meetings for Seguin manufacturing executives. The Seguin Manufacturing Executives Roundtable was established to bring Seguin manufacturing companies together to network and exchange information, ideas, and insights. This exclusive group consists of executives and operations managers from manufacturing companies representing various sectors within the industry. This collaborative effort between GRMC, GRMG and our local manufacturers directly stems from discussions on occupational medicine that took place during these roundtable meetings. We are so thrilled to see these collaborative efforts taking place to ensure a safer workplace for Seguin workers.” Said Josh Schneuker, Executive Director of the Seguin Economic Development Corporation
Preventative occupational health maintains workers productivity. Healthy workers increase industrial output and lower the cost of production, and through their incomes, they can contribute to the health of their families and their communities. Our workforce constitutes a large sector of the Seguin community. It is not possible for our community to survive when its labor force is weak and ill. # # #