Seguin Gazette: Engelhardt: Learning about local education

Elizabeth Engelhardt 

Back in August, I started the Leadership Seguin program through the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce. It kicked off with an overnight retreat and then once a month we have “Leadership Day” where we spend the day visiting different businesses and organizations throughout the community. This month was “Education Day” where we visited six schools: Lifegate Christian School, Seguin High School, Southwest Preparatory School, Navarro Intermediate School, Alamo Colleges CTTC and Texas Lutheran University. To say that it was a long day is an understatement, but the information and experiences I took away from that day made it all worth it. I had no idea just how many opportunities we have here.
There is so much to offer any student with any path in this community. I don’t know if people truly realize just what a gold mine they have in their backyard. Whether you are looking for a faith-based school, smaller student to teacher ratios, the latest innovation and state-of-the-art facilities, a smaller school district with incredible heart and values, technical training or a tight-knit smaller university education, these are all some of the options available to the young people in our community without having to drive to San Antonio or Austin.
The one thing that all of these places had in common was the tremendous passion they all have for their students and their futures. There wasn’t one property that we visited that didn’t have a clear and direct mission for their students — empowering them and preparing them for their future. Whether it was for college or a trade, there are so many programs available to these students that I was truly overwhelmed with pride when I saw that there was something for just about everybody.
Education has always been important to me. Both of my grandparents were retired educators. I majored in elementary education in college and I am a mother to school-aged children. I’m a firm believer in creating and following your own path. Kids these days have so many options, that it’s easy to overwhelm them when trying to help shape their future.
We do our best to give our kids opportunities to learn and grow within their school and community. My family is very active in many different things, but try not to overwhelm our boys and spread them too thin. I live my life by “trial and error.” If you don’t try something at least once, then how will you ever know if you don’t like it.
People are seldom to come to Seguin because “they have heard rumors about the schools.” I am here to tell you, that right here right now, there is no better time to begin your child’s education in Seguin than the present. Don’t just listen to what others say. Come and take a tour, visit these beautiful campuses and see for yourself. You will be amazed at everything that they have to offer. You are doing a true disservice to yourself, if you don’t. Every one of these campuses have staff that are willing to take time out of their day and are happy to show you around their school. Seguin and Guadalupe County, you should be exceptionally proud of your community and its passion for education!
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