Waste Management's At Your Door Special Collection Service provides Seguin residents with front-porch service to collect the difficult, sometimes hazardous, and hard-to-recycle items that almost every household accumulates. Waste Management will collect the pesticides, household chemicals, sharps, electronic waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps, automotive waste products (including oil), paints, thinners, and dozens of other items that don't belong with your recyclables or regular curbside waste pickup.


Grant funding received by the City of Seguin to provide free household hazardous waste collection to residents ended on February 21, 2021. The City hopes to receive additional grant funding for this program in the future.


household hazardous wasteAnyone who lives in the city limits can participate in this FREE, grant-funded At Your Door Special Collection  Program. Arranging a collection at the doorstep is as easy as calling 1-800-449-7587. Pick-ups can also be scheduled online through Waste Management’s website by clicking here or by emailing

  • A helpful Waste Management representative answers your questions.
  • You will then be provided a date when a customer service technician will arrive to remove the waste. It is not necessary for anyone to be at home.
  • A collection kit for the waste will be mailed to you. The kit includes a heavy-duty plastic bag, labels, simple instructions, and a zip tie for closing the bag.
  • Gather your hazardous household waste and place the materials in the bag on the front porch or near the garage (never at the curb.)
  • On the established pickup date, At Your Door technicians will arrive, remove and secure the waste safely, then drive to the next location.
  • Once the waste is collected, Waste Management technicians work to responsibly manage the waste and recycle as much as possible, typically up to 75% and at times more than 75%.
In general, most ordinary household chemicals and many electronics are eligible for collection. Only items originating from households are eligible, no business materials are allowed. The quantity of material that is collected at any one time is limited to the items that can fit into the kit bag along with designated items that may be placed outside the bag. 

The collection will typically include the following eligible materials:

Household Chemicals
Ammonia, cleaning compounds, bleach, floor 
stripper, drain cleaner, rust remover, 

carpet/upholstery cleaner, tile/shower cleaner
and more 
 Automotive Products

Antifreeze, motor oil, oil filters, fluids, polish,
       waxes, vehicle batteries, upholstery cleaners   
and more


Consumer Electronics
Computers, laptops, keyboards, monitors,
microwaves, televisions, DVD/CD players,
CD ROM, fax machines, cell phones,
VCRs, desktop printers, scanners, gaming
systems, related cords and more 
Paint Products

Oil-based paint, latex paint, spray paint, artist paint, wood preservative, stain, caulk, sealer and more

Batteries of various sizes: AA, AAA, C, D, and rechargeable
Garden Chemicals

Herbicide, insect spray/ insecticide, fertilizer, pesticide and more

Flourescent Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and straight fluorescent tubes


Numerous items that contain mercury

Flammable Items

Kerosene, gasoline, solvents and more

Swimming Pool

Pool acid, stabilizer, chlorine

Syringes and Lancets

Sharps, syringes, needles, and lancets

  Items NOT Accepeted through this service  
Asbestos   Biological waste  Medicines & prescriptions
Ammunition & explosives  Construction-related materials  Appliances
Commercial chemicals  Containers over 5 gallons  Fire extinguishers
Cooking oil  Tires  Incandescent light bulbs
 Unknown or unlabeled materials  Trash, including bulky items  Radioactive materials, including smoke detectors
 Materials in leaking containers  Liquid mercury  Materials improperly packaged for transportation

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